“Website Content: How To To Stand Out!
by Marshall Adler


I often come across people who think that marketing experts are actively telling them to play “follow the leader” in their site content. In other words, have no voice and just follow the pack… HUH!?! Where do you get that BS from?

As an SEO expert in driving traffic to a client’s website, it’s my job to know all of the various methods at my disposal for driving target traffic and converting the visitors once they come to your site.

This is what makes ‘working’ with Sky High Media a viable option for those of you who are serious about growing your business and online brand -at a rapid pace- because we will optimize your site for 100’s of keywords and drive thousands of local and eager buyers to your landing pages.

I’m getting off track, this article will discuss a very important concept in the world of Branding that you should adhere to within your website content, namely your Blog content, if you want to ‘stand out from the crowd’ while simultaneously giving Influencers what they want so that you maintain connection to large social followings.

It’s the concept of… “REWRITE THE EXPERIENCE!”

Southwest Airlines put thе fun, thе quirkiness аnd thе savings back intо thе ѕеriоuѕ аnd process-packed world оf travel.

Starbucks differentiated nоt оn coffee, but a ‘third place’ – a respite bеtwееn home аnd work.

The whole game of the Internet right now among businesses and professionals is, “Who can get to page one for competitively searched keywords and stay there in spite of algorithms?”

If you’re not on page one, you’re not in the game!

In order for you to grow your business online, you need to appear as a respite to your target audience and you do that by differentiating yourself, be unique and stand out from the crowd… but how?

Rewrite the experience: You read a popular piece of content that you agree with, you turn around and write a similar article but instead of kissing the author’s butt and telling him how you agree with everything he is saying so that he will promote your content to his following, you make yourself an immediate authority on the topic and start your article off with, “I agree with what you said about [topic] however I have my own experience and here is what I say…”

Then you write your content and publish similar content on your blog and provide a link to it in the email you submit to the Influencers in your niche.

Keys to success on the web with regards to publishing valuable original content that helps people improve their lives:

  • Be An Authority,
  • Have An Opinion,
  • Appeal To Other Influencers On Eye Level,
  • Rewrite The Experience In Your Site Content,
  • Gain Access To Influential Followings,
  • Send Mass Email Promoting Your Products,
  • Make Sure You Rewrite The Experience In The Email You Send,
  • Gain Acceptance In Your Market,
  • Drive Abundant Local And Targeted Traffic Daily,
  • Convert More Visitors Into Sales Opportunities!

So what are some ways you can rewrite the experience to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd?

Let’s take a web designer, there’s a gal in my networking group who always says this “Hi my name is XXXXXXX (for privacy reasons) and I’m with XXXXX and we’re here to save Colorado from sucky websites…”

It’s got a nice jingle to it and it’s been said over and over again and so we expect it when the gal gets up to give her elevator pitch.

However, if your goal is to have a website that actively generates traffic and generates sales, leads and other opportunities in order to grow your business, would you still respond to the first line above about “sucky” websites or would you attract more to the guy who is the exact same thing as the gal in my group, a Web Designer (there’s no difference in what they do or can do) who says, “Who here wants to make more money? What do you know about the Internet and driving traffic as the single most important factor for increasing sales, conversions and brand awareness? What if I told you that a beautiful responsive website, mobile friendly, conversion and search engine optimized is the only way to achieve real financial freedom on the web? Would you be open to viewing a demo of our portfolio?”

I think we can all agree that the latter commentary and questions from the exact same type of person would give off the experience that if I go with this web designer over the “sucky” website pitch that I won’t just have a ‘nice looking’ website, I’ll actually have a site that is mobile friendly, ready to capture leads and can be found in online search in addition to it being a beautiful site.

Do you see how you can appeal to Influencers and still be who you are in the world? Do you see how all you have to do is rewrite the experience of the idea, concept or topic and then throw it back out there and you might just tap into the jet stream of traffic that is eager to find it’s way to your website.

If you need help differentiating yourself, standing out from the crowd, beating out your competitors and you ultimately want to make more money from your website, your content must be authoritative, unique and different while appealing to other’s ‘on your level’ so as to gain mass market share quickly which allows you to promote to targeted followings within your niche.

If this is confusing to you I apologize… it would be beneficial for you to check out the article I wrote on ‘4 Ways To Increase Traffic In 30 Days!’ because this explains how to find Influencers and gain access to their followings and this article you’re reading now wraps that advice into it and you will come away from all this knowing ‘what you have to do’ to be a Leader and gain market share online to have your website working 24/7 for you to bring in new customers.

I hope this concept and website ‘content’ advice has helped you fill the missing pieces and provides an answer to the question of “Well how do I stand out from the crowd while still giving people what they want like everybody else?”.

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