“Learn The 3 Types Of SEO And How They Work!” by Marshall Adler


Many people have asked me recently in comments on previously published articles, “What is SEO?”

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the act of tweaking the code and content of your website to show up page one of Google as “Relevant” to a specific set of keywords, products or a brand name.

The “offline” aspect of SEO primarily consists of pay per click and link building techniques.

In the world of SEO there are three primary types of search engine optimization:

1. Keyword SEO: this is the act of choosing keywords and optimizing your site with codes and content that match the keywords you’ve selected.

The major benefit is that you get highly targeted traffic that converts on autopilot and usually the buyers are after services or want more information about your products. Keyword SEO is great for the online lead generation!

2. Products SEO: this is the act of optimizing your website, landing pages and product pages for product specific keywords. For example, if you’re an affiliate of Redwing Shoes you might do Products SEO on a page that sells black work shoes. Thus you would optimize that specific page for “black work shoes” and provided you get top placements, the traffic you would receive is intent on buying black work shoes.

Products SEO works great for anyone who sells products online or sells membership to a site with products (videos, ebooks) etc.

3. Brand SEO: this is the act of optimizing your website or online presence for your personal or business name or your brand name.

Say for example you created a company called Blue Frog Entertainment and when you do a search for it on Google some competitor website comes up with the same or a similar name in a different part of the world.

All you would have to do is optimize in codes and content the words “blue frog entertainment” throughout your web page and submit it to Google.

This would notify them that you are Relevant to that name and this new results would bring your site to page one.

The traffic you get from Brand SEO is mostly people who have already heard about you and they are looking for help, solutions etc, in order to make a purchase or take some kind of action. So there you have it, the three types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how they work and what you can expect from each.

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