“The 98/2 Rule For All Internet Marketing” by Marshall Adler


I just finished explaining this concept to another who expressed that he has a colleague/friend who is an SEO specialist who he’s already working with…

This is not an angry response to that. I completely understand that I’m not the go-to choice for SEO in most cases because A) I’m still flying under the radar as much as I can, B) don’t have a massive brand or large pipeline of clients yet and C) it’s not understood clearly by others what I do vs what others do in my field.

Hopefully, this explanation and analogy will shed some light on my “niche” in the world of Internet Marketing, namely SEO (the business of improving placements in online search and driving targeted traffic that converts at will).

So… have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule?

I’ve heard various arguments about what it means; like 80% of your income comes from 20% of your marketing efforts or 20% of your clients, and then I’ve heard people say that 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your results.

Whatever. That rule is great and can be used in almost all aspects of life in various forms and events. The Pareto principle is powerful.

Now…have you ever heard of the 98/2 rule?

This article is about a new rule called the 98/2 rule and how it applies to Internet Marketing and SEO professionals and which side of the fence you choose to be on when you hire out, for help with growing your business.

Google is a business, do you agree? Their number one profit center is Adwords.

And the reason they continuously launch algorithm updates making it harder to achieve page one placements (applies to the 98%) is that they don’t want online marketing ‘experts’ figuring out ways to manipulate search to make business owners like you, more money. That’s not the point of Google.

Google was designed to provide relevant search results to users and to promote Adwords to help businesses get better conversions and sales opportunities and the number one thing that Google needs, to make that happen is BANDWIDTH!

When they feel Internet Marketers have become “smart” and have figured out the latest algorithm changes and are continually pushing past the barriers to page one entry (by way of blogging, social media, press releases, articles, other paid ads, review sites and directory submissions) they make another “update” to send everyone back down the chute to free up BANDWIDTH so they can have more space and time to promote their number one profit center… Adwords.

Anyway, 98% of ALL Internet Marketers and SEO professionals in the world operate the same, or almost the same using various forms of marketing as I mentioned above; to rank page one and pull targeted traffic that converts.

The problem with the 98% is that there’s no guarantee of results, because “you can’t predict Google” and “what if another algorithm update occurs” etc.

There’s an excuse or “reason” from every online marketing expert as to why they can’t guarantee in writing that you will achieve page one placements by a specific time or date from when they ‘optimize’ your website.

There’s always some blog or website or video or Google-produced content telling the world NOT to do something or “you’ll get banned” or “you’ll be blacklisted”.

Why do you think Google is telling the world NOT to do things?

Hmm? I know why (raising my hand)… It’s because the things they are telling you not to do, work so well, and the things they don’t want you to do take up bandwidth and create problems when they try and promote Adwords.

So they continually promote NOT doing things to allow them more time and space to promote their number one profit center. And they’ve managed to get 98% of the world of SEO professionals and online marketers believing this to the point where the majority (98%) now operates on the same playing field and does varying degrees of the ‘same old same’ with regards to web marketing and how they go about pulling traffic from Google to generate more business online.

Then there’s the 2% of Internet Marketers and SEO professionals (me and a handful of others) who have been operating and doing the same exact things that the world has been told NOT to do, for over 8 years, and without penalty have continually pushed past the barriers to page one entry. 

Is it hacking? Is it undetected? Why would Google allow 2% of the world of Internet Marketers and SEO professionals to achieve rapid page-one rankings while the rest of the world has to swim through the maze of content publishing and social media? How exactly does our “version” of pulling traffic work?

Great question! Here’s the truth, everything we (the 2%) do is about achieving the same results as everyone else, however, we aim to achieve the results without using any additional bandwidth. Google loves when a website ranks page one and didn’t use any additional bandwidth to get there.

So how do we avoid using bandwidth and make Google happy?

Well, I can’t speak for others on my side of the fence, however, I can tell you that Sky High Media (my company) uses proprietary combinations of meta tags that speak directly to the Googlebot telling the engine which keywords my clients want to rank for locally and nationally.

Then without publishing any new content on blogs and social media, I simply tweak/add to the existing content of my client’s website and landing pages to match the keywords we show in our codes. 

Then we submit the URLs directly to the search giant using private portal access on a secure IP/URL and like clockwork, the websites, landing pages, videos etc. get indexed on Google, in the top 10 pages, within 12 hours.

Then we simply boot up another proprietary system (software) and generate high-authority backlinks from PR3 to PR9 domains (also known as redirects and meta/header links) and drip (get Google to crawl and index) links daily for all clients, promoting each of the internal pages.

Once Google crawls a website ‘optimized’ our way, they see perfect Relevancy by the codes and content that clearly define the keywords our clients want to target and they see a daily incoming high-authority link drip (these links are so popular because they are virtual and do not take up any physical bandwidth) and because the links are consistent, we consistently experience our clients achieving page one placements for their best keywords within 90-days or less for local and 180-days or less for national.

We don’t break any rules, however, we don’t follow the “rules” you’ve been brainwashed into believing you must follow because we know that Google wants to see two things in order for you to rank page one…

…Relevancy and Consistent Popularity!

With proprietary codes and link-building strategies that don’t use up any additional bandwidth we are masters of ‘spacial allowance’ and that is why we achieve the same results as the 98% but in half the time and can put it in writing.

So that is the 98/2 rule. You can continue advertising in the Yellow Pages spending thousands per month hoping for different results but at the end of the day and at the end of the year people still use the Yellow Pages as a booster seat and to clamp down papers on their kitchen counter. 

The same applies to who you hire for your web marketing endeavors to promote your business. You can continue spending lots of money doing the same thing as everyone else (98%) and pray that in 6-12 months you’ll be able to place page one for your best keywords and pull traffic that converts into sales or you can choose to work with innovators like me (2%) who have their own systems and methods of achieving the exact same results… in half the time and can guarantee it in writing because what we do does not take up any bandwidth or space allowing Google to flourish and prosper as a business.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of flack from posting this, however, I’m not breaking any rules or doing any Black Hat tactics to rank websites.

I do follow all Google guidelines and continue to free up space so that the search engine can work the way it was designed and from what I see when I submit my optimized URLs directly is pure LOVE in that I continue, in spite of algorithm updates, continue to get rapidly indexed and achieve multiple page one placements for my clients targeting the best keywords and search phrases.

Provided you want to take control and become #1 in your market, beat out your competitors and make more money from your website as a result of multiple page one placements and pull targeted traffic that converts on auto-pilot, we encourage you to request a free website SEO analysis and start the process.

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