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Get Page 1 Rankings, In 90 Days or Less. Guaranteed!

We’re one of the few SEO companies approved* by Google, using proprietary methods.


“Join The Best SEO Company Affiliate Program Online, And Earn Thousands In ‘Upfront’ Commissions On SEO Sales!”

Are you looking for the best SEO company affiliate program?

At Sky High Media, LLC:

  • We pay ‘up-front’ on every sale, and our Super Affiliates get to earn passive income annually as well as use our products for their own gain, to grow their traffic and build a real SEO Referral business online.
  • We train you every step of the way from how to connect with business owners via Online Lead Sources and we give you a roadmap and battle plan for approaching the “right” people with the right messaging and connection strategies to get them interested in Local SEO.
  • Plus, we give you 100% market and territory exclusivity, the ability to earn annual passive income, and so much more!

iRankFast, a division of Sky High Media, LLC, is sweeping the Nation and International locations, with its very own
Google-approved Local SEO Services.Join The Top SEO Company Affiliate Program And Drive Traffic That Buys L:ocal SEO Services

Our Local SEO product itself is more of a Service As A Software or SAAS Product with a 7-day on-site SEO service installation and 12-months of on-going link building that brings you a continuous flow of organic, direct and referral traffic momentum, and gets and maintains page one, organic, Google placements all year.

**Our SEO products are 100% approved by Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

And the best part is, we’re the only SEO company that promises page one in 90-days, in writing.

Imagine, an SEO company affiliate program that offers 15-25% Affiliate Commissions on every sale, paid to you up-front, regardless of whatever payment or installment terms are worked out between the SEO company and the new Client referral that we develop through your efforts.

Now imagine that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is refer traffic from your Website, Blog or Videos to a special landing page that we build for you here on iRankFast.com/ and sit back as we convert your leads into warm proposals, and future sales and long-term customers.

When you join the best SEO company affiliate program, you have two options:

  1. Join as a Standard Affiliate And Earn 15% Commissions Paid ‘UpFront’
  2. Invest In Your SEO Referral Business And Earn 20% Commissions Paid ‘UpFront’ And 5% Annual Recurring Commissions*

Option 1:

Option One is best for those who already have a blog, YouTube Channel, or Website and a plan or strategy of promotion and marketing and driving traffic and SEO leads through this website and your pre-built Referral landing page herein. You can register with just your name, website URL and email address, and anyone who calls in, emails, or submits an inquiry mentioning your name as the Referring Party, you will be credited within three days of them signing up.

*We pay 15% commissions ‘upfront’ to anyone we acquire for SEO services through your own external promotions and marketing campaigns.

Option 2:

We only accept those who invest $2,500 to become a Strategic Partner, of Sky High Media, LLC dba iRankFast, and basically run an SEO Referral business, promoting and marketing in various ways online and offline to drive all traffic and sales leads through this website or your special referral landing page.

*Option 2 is for serious Affiliates who want to earn SIX FIGURES ANNUALLY and dedicate all their online promotions and marketing efforts toward SEO sales here at iRankFast and work solely for iRankFast as an Independent Contractor who refers a constant flow of new and recurring SEO sales.

The investment gets you full training on how to set up online Connector and Messaging campaigns, through various Online Lead Sources, and shows you how to set up a semi-automated lead generation system that flows HOT prospects to your Inbox daily, who are happy to take a look at your free SEO demonstration.

Once you follow our instructions and set up your campaigns and online accounts, then you will follow a daily routine of categorizing leads, thanking new connections, and putting together leads into “packets” for our experts at iRankFast to perform free SEO demonstrations and set up call-backs and meetings.

Every day you will email our experts however many new demos you got approved to send, and our experts will handle the rest from doing the demo, and working with the prospect by doing a phone chat after the demo, then proposing our services, and of course closing the deal and getting a one-year signed agreement.

Even after the Client is ours, we will work with them to build rapport and trust and truly handle all their customer service needs, we only ask that you touch base with your Referral(s) at least 1x in the first 90-days, to check-in and see how they are doing so far, and then 1x in the middle of their term, to just thank them for their trust and let them know you are always there if they need anything, and then 1x at the end of the term within 90-days of expiration.

By doing this you add a 2nd layer of support to their service and will be crucial in getting them to renew service for their 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, and for that we will be happy to pay you an annual residual fee of 5% of the gross total contract amount, to anyone who re-joins or renews service at the end of their term.

And you get an additional 5% paid ‘Upfront’ in commissions on anyone you refer who signs up for annual SEO services.

*We take good care of our Super Affiliates and Strategic Partners, as you get 20% in UpFront Commissions and 5% Annual Recurring*

With this SEO company affiliate program and unique opportunity you get paid HUGE COMMISSIONS on sales we make as a result of your efforts and with our 1-on-1 coaching and SEO training, you will learn how to quickly ramp up a brand of trust, and an online presence that commands thousands of monthly visitors and converts 5-10 CEOs per week saying YES to a FREE SEO DEMONSTRATION, all on autopilot once campaigns and accounts are set up in full.

After each SEO demonstration with someone you refer to us, your Referral will be asked if he/she wants a proposal for our services and upon acceptance, we will do it all for you, including closing the sale and doing all the Customer Service stuff after.

And when we close a sale, and the Client makes their first payment (even if they are set up on monthly installments), you as the referring Strategic Partner and Super Affiliate, get paid directly by PayPal, or Bank Wire, on the 1st and 15th every month.

Why Does It Cost To Join The Best SEO Company Affiliate Program?

  1. Due to the fact that our Local SEO product is 100% proprietary and advanced, designed for upper echelon businesses like Doctors, Dentists, Attorneys, Contractors, Home Businesses, Affiliate Sites, ECommerce Stores, Realtors, and YouTubers, it’s a professional service, and therefore we only want Professional Affiliates, who are 100% invested and dedicated to setting up an SEO Referral business that works on autopilot with little maintenance.
  2. And you are investing to be rewarded with 5% more in UpFront Commissions, and 5% in annual Recurring Revenue.

*To show good faith that you want to work with us as a fully dedicated Strategic Partner, and earn six-figure commissions annually, we require that you invest in the product you will be promoting and use it on your website or blog to grow your traffic.

Ready To Join Our SEO Company Affiliate Program?

Plus With The My ‘Power of 3 Success Formula’, You Can’t Fail:

Preface: You can spend as much time as you want to do any of these tasks, but this system below works in just 3-hours of time commitment daily, and consistently however it requires an initial investment of 66-days to create habits for success.

1-Hour for Lead Gen Campaigns – Block out all noise, sit in a room or place without distractions and go through your Online Lead Sources and accounts and sift through online lead generation campaigns and pull “packets” of sales leads and send to iRankFast SEO Experts to perform free demonstrations.

1-Hour for Production – This is where you do a video, blog post or create a new web page on your website, to give quality original benefit-rich content that supplements our industry and methods or helps people improve upon their marketing efforts, and you publish your work LIVE when you’re done and then go and get it indexed by Google and the search engines, and then you submit your finished URLs to our SEO Experts and we help you with backlinks to make it popular.

1-Hour of Promotion – This is where you now go and promote your newly published content piece on social media, paid advertising campaigns, and use of external sites like Pinterest or Instagram to grow your traffic. Some additional ideas are to blow up social media, make a post and pay for “boosting”.

Or go on Twitter and hashtag with a link to your URL, and use Ritetag.com for all the best hashtags and viral opportunities to spread the word online.

Or, do PPC campaigns and drive traffic to your post or sign up page, or invest in more SEO services, or find other ways of driving traffic to the content you just created by posting social bookmarks in communities of relevant interest etc..

*We help all of our Standard Affiliates and Super Affiliate Strategic Partners succeed with PRO training, resources, and SEO backlinks to boost your results.

Then the next day… JUST RINSE and REPEAT

If you robotically and systematically do the above formula every day and let’s say you pump out 30 pages or posts or videos in your first month, then get the hang of it and do 30 in the next month and do 30 in the third month and forever like that. That’s 90 in 90-days!

If you follow our training and advice for how to promote your content once published, you can expect to probably rank for 20% of all the pages you publish on your website, within 3-6 months and you can expect at least 500-1000 visitors monthly with the average conversion to registered demo being 3 to 5%.

It only takes 2 demos to convert 1 sale.

So within 3 months from now, you could be easily making high four and five-figure commissions every month on autopilot, and as you continue to build out your website that number will double, and triple. But imagine a new lifestyle or an enhanced lifestyle within 3 months from now! It’s very realistic.

Let’s say it takes 3 months of Rinse and Repeat, per above, and now your website generates 500 visitors per month (this is just for ORGANIC, REFERRAL and DIRECT TRAFFIC ONLY, not counting any of the other tens of thousands of ways you can drive traffic to a website) and let’s say that only 3% of the traffic converts from your website landing page, where people can register for a webinar to watch our SEO demo. That’s 15 demos in one month!

Even if we only sell 7 products out of all those demos, that’s an average monthly residual commission of $5,250 to $7,000 of income, coming to you and all you had to do was refer and drive traffic and get people to register for a free SEO demonstration. 

Now imagine, you add paid advertising on Facebook, YouTube or Google, and you add blogging, and YouTube videos to the mix, and within 6 months you are generating 1,000 motivated users to your unique SEO Referral page here at iRankFast, and suddenly you are converting 4% and achieving 40 demos per month. With 50% of those turning into sales, you can expect to earn anywhere from $15,000-$20,000 plus $5,000 per year recurring for Super Affiliates.

The Sky is The Limit, So Put Your Trust In This SEO Company Affiliate Program Today!

It takes time to get successful, but with full support and special 1-on-1 coaching, website development help, and SEO training on how to effectively promote and refer our products to others; you are the only challenge you have to solve because the rest of it glitters in gold for you, provided you want to be successful online!

While we accept new Clients from traffic generated to your unique Affiliate landing page, (this link takes you to our standard Free Demonstration page, however when you become an Affiliate we will create unique Landing page here where you can add your headshot, an About section and Call to Actions) we don’t care how you get the referral or send the traffic, as long as it’s warm and not forced or illegal.

If you want to go out and approach local businesses in person, by phone/email, or through networking and then refer qualified prospects to your page where they then register for an upcoming demonstration, that’s totally fine with us, and we encourage you to use every avenue you can to promote and market for SEO sales.

All The Training You Need To Succeed In The Best SEO Company Affiliate Program:

  • Direct email, phone support 24/7 to Staff and Mr. Adler, the Founder of iRankFast
  • Full training for Super Affiliate Strategic Partners on how to use Online Lead Sources to generate HOT sales leads.
  • Full training on the most successful methods to get business owners to say YES to free SEO demos.
  • Full training on the most successful ways to drive Organic, Referral and Direct traffic to a website, blog or YouTube channel.
  • Power of 3 Formula and SEO Best Practices for ensuring your content is crawlable and accessible to all search engines.
  • You get unlimited backlinks support for any URL you optimize yourself from our Super Affiliate Strategic Partnership training videos.
  • Unlimited support and training that teaches you everything you need to know to be a success with SEO Referrals.
  • And so much more…

With our help in getting you up and running, and promoting yourself to everyone in your local area and online, as well as building out a traffic generation website and using Online Lead Sources to refer motivated users to your iRankFast Affiliate landing page, (this link takes you to the standard page for a Free SEO Demonstration, however, once you join as an Affiliate you will have your own landing page where you can put your photo and any messaging you want) you will have the real potential to earn six-figures annually in the best SEO company affiliate program just promoting our Local SEO page-one ranking services.

Join The Best SEO Company Affiliate Program,
And Get HUGE Commissions On SEO Sales!

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