“How To Increase Traffic Using Twitter Cards!” by Marshall Adler


I’ve been in the trenches the past couple of weeks wrapping up some projects for some clients and getting ready to take on new ones for August. We are really ramping up and doing really well with a certain type of Twitter Card. Guys and girls this is crazy I’m having posts go out to 20,000 following and I’m getting viral exposure on Twitter. Want to see how?

A lady named Jennifer Beese owns this website that will teach you everything you need to know about Twitter Cards and the various types and how to use them:

Just make sure you thank her for the information in her comments. Let her know you found her site from this article too. It will make her happy.

Anyway, once you learn everything you need to know about Twitter Cards focuses on the…. 

2. Summary Card With Large Image

This type of Twitter Card alone is taking my company to the level of fame that causes ripples like getting calls from TV and radio stations for interviews.

Anyway, hope this new information helps you make more money in the end.

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This is one of my ‘best kept secrets’.


I didn’t want to give this one away, however since I started publishing content on LinkedIn I vowed that any time I was ready to share my experiences with online marketing, optimizing, promoting your website, pulling traffic and increasing conversions, I would share it with you.

So this post is going to discuss how you can get started right away driving more traffic, more exposure, and more sales through to your website using something called Twitter Cards.

What are Twitter Cards?

With Twitter Cards, you can attach photos, videos and other media to Tweets that drive traffic to your website. All you do is simply add a few lines of HTML
to your website or landing page and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to all their followers.

Confused yet?

There’s this wonderful little website that explains this entire method in depth and with clear instruction:

Once you’ve completed the overview and Getting Started Guide, make sure you stop by the Card Types section and learn how to create each card type.

You can literally create any one of their amazing card types as long as you have a few lines of code installed on your website.

And this site: gives you the codes too!

You’re probably wondering which card types I use and how you go about building an audience for Twitter so that people who actually give a damn will share your Twitter Card post with their audience and send a massive hyper-targeted traffic burst to your website.

First, in order to even have the privilege of sending out Twitter Cards on your feed and notifying your existing audience and then asking for an “RT” retweet in your post that gets shared with potentially thousands of unique users quickly, you need to have an audience.

*There are all kinds of books, courses, online material and even YouTube Videos that explain how to build a massive following on Twitter.

Once you build your massive Twitter following, you are ready to post Twitter Cards that get 38% more shares than any other content or posts are done by others in your industry. Do you want more website traffic from targeted visitors?

I only use one of the many amazing card types, but this one has produced an amazing ROI and longevity of new SEO clients for my business.

Also, if you find me on Twitter under Sky High Media, that’s not the account we use to do our card posts. We use private client accounts that are niche specific.

Anyway, the card type that we have used for the past 5 years is the Summary Card with Large Photo.

This is amazing because you can put a large photo of your product or something that is relevant to the service you offer and then put your words to promote your URL and offer a link back to your website so people can either buy or convert into a sales opportunity, if interested.

Make sure you put hashtags in your posts. Knowing popular Twitter tags can allow you to get your content published to all the fans of a particular group.

Now you really have mass exposure and a HUGE increase in website traffic.

The last piece of advice, if you want to ensure that your content will be shared by others within your massive and “relevant” following on Twitter, make sure you end your post with the letters, “RT Please!” (without quotes).

This means Retweet Please. Real Twitter content sharers will know that lingo and they WILL go and retweet your post to their audiences and again you will see a surge of traffic to your website.

The only downside to any sort of Twitter promotion is that you will inevitably get some visitors who are complete time-wasters and who cause your site’s bounce rate to soar but the sheer volume of new visitors that arrive on your website monthly will naturally increase your conversions and you will find yourself more productive and be producing a greater ROI off the web.

Now go and apply what you’ve been taught and let me know how it goes.

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Nobody else can/does that.

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