“How To Increase Web Traffic And Conversions!” by Marshall Adler


Apparently, this published article received both positive and negative response from individuals who began to see a pattern throughout the reading that I was purposely keyword stuffing the article to test and see what it would do in online search. Other than making a few people mad at me it really didn’t do what I had hoped it would on Google, which is getting indexed and ranked page one.

Other than making a few people mad at me it really didn’t do what I had hoped it would on Google, which is getting indexed and ranked page one.

I didn’t get to the level of success that I’m at by “playing by the rules”. 

In the world of SEO and driving traffic to websites, SEO’s and marketing experts are always testing new ideas to see what works best. For anyone who read through my last article and found themselves upset because of “robotic content”, I do apologize, it was just a test to see what would happen.

So I promise in this article, I will actually provide substance and actionable tips that you can go out and use right away to generate more website traffic and increase conversions on your website.

The tips within this article apply to Local and National placements!

Jayson DeMers is a Forbes Contributor that I admire because he goes right for the gut and gives you the best ways to pull traffic that is optimized and conversion-ready and in one of his recent articles he talks quite a bit about “long-tail keywords” and why they are so important.

One thing I continuously come across with clients and that of prospects is they want to rank page one for the one and two-word phrases that generated hundreds to tens of thousands of hits per month.

The thought process is that if you rank page one for “make money” which gets over 200,000 searches monthly across the nation, you will get slammed with traffic to your website and sell out of all your products and services and get rich overnight. The reality though is not the same as you hope.

Consumers who type one and two-word phrases, and in some cases even three-word phrases on Google are usually shoppers looking for comparisons, reviews and who is the best and why.

However, when a search is performed on Google using 4 or more words that are considered “long-tail” and this audience is primarily made up of buyers. 

The person who types “make money from home” is someone who wants to make money working from home and knows what they want. But the person who just puts “make money” could be looking for insights and free advice about all the various ways that others are doing it. 

Long-tail keywords are the best and fastest way to increase targeted traffic to your website and increase conversions because you’re essentially promoting your content to a specific vertical or a specific audience with a particular “buyers” mindset.

For example, if we bring it to a local level… out here in Denver Colorado we have tons of professionals who all want to rank page one for their best keywords.

One of my clients Dallas Norton with Norton Law Offices offers personal injury legal services in Aurora CO and throughout Denver Metro. He initially wanted to rank page one for “Denver personal injury attorney” and while this is a 4-word phrase (long-tail) it’s highly saturated and the same ten results that have been displayed on Google for the past 5 years are still there today. Why?

Because these A-list attorneys have HUGE marketing budgets and they spend countless amounts of money on paid advertising and as a “reward” for their spending they are “locked in” to page one on Google.

So what is the workaround?  Long-tail keywords are only good for increasing website traffic and conversions if you can find one with good search volume monthly, low competition (o to 50 total competitors is ideal) and at least a 95% chance of ROI. There are still some tools out there that offer this data.

The keyword tool we use tells us this data and allows us to only target long-tail keywords for our clients when there are more traffic and search than supply and at least a 95% chance of ROI or conversion-possibility.

So instead of throwing all our eggs into one basket and targeting “Denver personal injury attorney” for Dallas Norton we simply looked for other long-tail keywords which still have great search volume, low competition and a high chance that the traffic will convert.

So, if you head over to Google now and put in “strong-arm work injury attorney Denver” (without quotes) you will see somewhere in the top five organic results. This, by the way, is just one of over 200 long-tail phrases we have optimized into this client’s website. 

Sure the phrase is super long and it doesn’t get nearly the amount of hits as “personal injury attorney” does but it still gets some hits and being on page one allows those few searchers to find my client every month and he gets their business. It only takes one or two cases for my client to recoup his investment with my firm for the entire year and then the rest is all profit and upswing.

By targeting long-tail keywords within your city or the area you wish to pull traffic from or even just targeting long-tail national keywords with less traffic but a high SEO score (chance of conversion) and still some hits and traffic potential, you are essentially making sure your content and your website pages show up for ‘people who know exactly what they want’ online.

Buyer keywords (long tail) is the fastest way to A) get page one rankings, B) drive hyper-targeted and relevant traffic to your website and C) increase conversions and sales opportunities. 

A quick note about conversions: 

If you have a website with videos, games and other interactive widgets, your conversions will be very LOW in terms of ROI and sales opportunities.

In my experience, as a Local and National SEO expert the clients who have just one or two calls to action like a phone number and a simple call-back request form installed on their pages (Vcita) convert the highest number of visitors because you are able to grab them right away upon visiting your site.

Why? Because think about it. The person coming to your site is seeking a solution to a problem that you provide but if you have videos all over your site and one of the videos explains how to correct the problem then you just gave away the beef without collecting the lead contact information or making a sale.

A visitor who watches your video… IS your conversion!

So make sure if you’re a Local or National professional and your goal is to sell a particular service or product, keep the calls to action to a minimum and just have a phone number and a form people can fill out for more information.

It works. And of course if you want to be number one in your niche and target city, stand out from the crowd and gain the competitive edge with an optimized website that converts traffic on autopilot, we would be happy to assess your site and provide you with an audit report that can help you make minor improvements to increase traffic and exposure in online search.

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