“How To Use Google Trends To Drive Traffic!” by Marshall Adler


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I love what I do. I love my business, my model, my skills and I also love Google.

When you have the ability to keyword optimize and rank websites organically on Google in 90-days or less you can basically control and capitalize on markets and push the traffic flow in your direction.

Everyone knows that it takes quality, targeted and organic traffic to get the highest conversions, leads, referrals, form submissions, calls and sales opportunities online.

When you work with my firm you too will experience what countless others are experiencing… “traffic” overwhelm.

For example, one of my clients Hana Designs sells wigs, hairpieces and also salon services to medical and cancer patients and she’s awesome. She has a charity and a non-profit to help cancer survivors and patients and she’s just deserving of amazing results.

She came to us with no real online presence. We built and optimized her site using data from Google Trends (which I promise to talk about here) and have now been serving her for 2.5 years and she has page one placements for ALL (nearly 50-100 keywords in her niche and target metro area) and gets over 2000+ local visitors monthly to her website.

The industry standard conversion rate for an optimized website is 3%.

At 3% Hana is easily netting 60 conversions monthly. That’s incredible!

Are you familiar with Google Trends?

You might know of it or know it’s available as a tool to help you determine if a market is trending, if it has depth and longevity and if it’s worthwhile pursuing a category or business idea to help you profit and take market share.

Google Trends is the most amazing “historical data” tool on the planet.

For example, let’s say you find a long tail keyword phrase like “fee-based financial planners Denver” and your keyword tool says that you will make money from this phrase if you rank page one because of the % of the traffic
that wants to buy.

You go to Google.com after finding one of these keywords and you put it into the search engine to see if any Adwords ads pop up on page one. They do.

Then you check some obscure page like Page 4 where almost nobody in online search goes and you still see Adwords ads.

Now you know for certain that people are willing to pay per click and impressions just to have ads displayed at all times for this specific keyword phrase.

You now have a 95% inside knowledge that if you can get page one placements for this phrase you will get traffic that is highly intent on buying and it’s a ‘profitable’ term to target because of all the Adwords ads…

…you start telling yourself that you’re going to be rich and you begin planning for a long-term strategy of a “set it and forget it” mindset… 

…do you stop there and go and optimize for it?  I would, or I did with a 95% accuracy for many years for many clients and that worked OK until I realized that Google Trends fills the other 5% giving you a 100% rifle approach to page one placements and making you or your clients long-term wealth and profits.

So let’s take our phrase “fee-based financial planners Denver” and go over to Google Trends now and put it into the search box.

This tool right here is what separates you from everyone else in the industry if you’re a marketing person because there’s a HUGE difference in the visibility and credibility, which both lead to profitability when you go from 95% accuracy to 100% accuracy on targeting keywords to pull traffic from Google.

What you will see going back over 3-5 years when you type in any variation of “financial planning/planner” etc. is a downward trend.

What this means is that while your keyword tool says it’s awesome and Google says it’s profitable the long-term trend of the niche is going down.

Therefore you won’t be taking a long-term approach at this…

So if you want to drive traffic to your site using long-tail keywords and you use Google Trends and you find that the overall trends point downward from where it started out…

…make sure you have a short-term goal with a fast exit strategy in mind so that you capitalize on the market while Adwords says it’s “hot” and when the traffic dies and the money has dried up you are already onto bigger and better things.

However, if you do a search for a long-tail phrase and see a graph with a trend that has been slowly and steady rising over years then you can bank 100% on that if you optimize and rank for that phrase or the variations you’ve researched, you will rake traffic and conversions for A LONG TIME and can make your whole career on just a handful of these types of terms.

I don’t know about you but either way, you look at it, whether the graph is up (Long-term traffic and brand exposure strategy) or it’s down (short-term placements, quick conversions and then ‘pull out’ strategy) you will profit!

So I encourage all of you to get a hold of an amazing keyword tool that can literally show you where the money is; head over to Google and verify that the phrase you want brings up Adwords and that it has at least a 2-4 page depth.

Then go to Google Trends and see which way the graph goes, and use that final piece of data to determine whether you are going to do a “long-term” approach to success or if you should be doing a ‘short-term, fast placements, in and out and quick conversions strategy’ to make money now while the market is hot.

I hope this article has inspired you to go and apply some of the data within it.

As I said before, I love what I do and what it does for others! 

Provided you truly want to be #1 in your market, beat out your competitors and take market share to make more money from your website and you’d like to place page one in 90-days or less for your best keywords…

…we are currently accepting all USA clients; organizations and Entrepreneurs who are looking to expand and take market share and pull even more traffic to their existing websites to increase sales and conversions.

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