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    The key to enabling your website to rank higher in search results, to get found easily by your target market, is to make all of the search engine recommended improvements directed at your SEO, site security, mobile-friendliness, performance and social strategy.
  • With our help, you can turn your website into the money-making machine you always wanted! Discover tips for better design, layout, navigation, content, and more. The LIVE SEO website analysis is done by video to identify those improvements and help you understand newer and better ways to show Google and other major search engines that you’re a safe site, complying with all the rules and you deserve top placements.
  • 97% of buyers go online first before making a decision and only 6% pay attention to paid ads. I don’t think I need to state the obvious, search engine optimization is far more superior, because you get access to the majority market of buyers seeking your products and services. Rank page one for profitable “buyer” keywords in any niche and you can create real wealth.

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Why would I want a free SEO website analysis?

To stay compliant with Google! Duh! And to avoid future hassles like being ‘sand-boxed’, blacklisted or flat out removed from search results for not following new rules and guidelines that ALL Webmasters and website owners must abide by and it’s critical that you know if your improvements are best suited to revamping your content, security, or even building a new website from scratch. When you’re competing against a thousand other businesses locally and nationally, you can’t afford to take any chances.

Should you require a new website, we highly recommend that you consider having one built on WordPress, Weebly or Squarespace. Google seems to show these platforms a bit more love. We can help you with design and development. Call: (800) 313-8908

Learn how Google sees your website and how to come across as “safe”:

Navigating Google’s complex SEO ranking algorithm is difficult and time-consuming on your own. It takes a detailed analysis to showcase where your errors are and why your page isn’t ranking as a page-one result in your niche and preferred areas. With our help, you can begin receiving more traffic from local and national consumers who would benefit from your services and products.

Why does my business website need to be compliant and “safe”?

  • 97% of all website traffic only sees the first page of search results.
  • The first five search results get up to 76% of all traffic for most keyword searches.
  • Google can and will penalize your website for bad SEO practices, and failing to follow the rules, even if it’s unintentional!
  • Your video analysis is packed full of actionable data and professional tips on how to increase your exposure and ROI.
  • It’s 100% FREE with no obligation and we even offer free phone consultations to assist you as well, with no hard sell.
  • The customized data you receive will help you improve your online presence and get back to doing great business.

Find out what it will take to achieve page one placements, in your market for your market lines and discover every immediate and actionable tip you can do to improve site performance, conversion rates, traffic, exposure and site security.

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