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  • Keywords – This part of the platform allows you to search any keywords or phrases and come up with a list of all the best keyword strings for use on any blog or website. You can view the average monthly searches, how much traffic you could expect from ranking page one, and how many competing for websites you have to go up against to rank page one.
  • It also tells you if you have a Bad, Poor, Normal or Great chance of converting the traffic you receive and it tells you a score from 0 to 100, for how well it will get ranked on page one.
  • Alphabet Soup – This tool allows you to take any top level keyword phrase, like a two-word phrase and insert it, and then get ALL the keyword possibilities for that phrase in search, from A-Z, you’ll see every which way it has been typed online so you can come up with amazing blog posts and pages to write for.
  • Saved Lists – Allows you to store and save targeted niche lists for your site so you can go back and write new content for any campaign or website you promote.
  • Affiliate Programs – This allows you to search any of the available affiliate networks and programs for your keywords so you can promote other people’s products and get paid for it.

There are several more features available to you once you upgrade your free keyword tool account on Jaaxy, and full training and support provided to help you become the best at online keyword research, for promoting great content on your blog, your website, and your articles. Try it now!