“11 Free And Paid Ways To Drive Website Traffic!” by Marshall Adler


So, you own a website and have a successful business or a startup and while you know it ‘takes money to make more money’, investing in SEO isn’t the ‘be all end all’ if you are aware of these free ways to increase web traffic to your site to double your conversions.

Most of the trash content you read on “free ways to drive web traffic” is a regurgitation of other people’s general insights. For example, if wouldn’t be a good tip for me to say that one of the ways you can increase website traffic is by doing SEO. That’s obvious!

However, if I were to say to you that a great and free way to drive traffic to your website is using something called Twitter Cards, your ears might perk up because nobody is really talking about this method of gaining exposure and increasing your visitor count.

And guess what, consider that a freebie because that’s not included as a way to drive traffic in this article. 

Anyway, let’s jump into it and unveil eleven free ways to increase web traffic and double your conversions:

1.   The ‘SWAP’ Method

In this method, you simply follow the mantra of ‘I do something for you and you do something for me.’ In other words, you just go and find an industry pro to do a webinar with you.

They market the webinar to their list and you promote it to yours and then you have someone from your company email the other person’s list about your relationship to the person you’ve agreed to partner with and they do the same for you.

All this builds trust and creates a hub, for now, everyone knowing about you and this industry pro working together and it starts to build a buzz about your upcoming webinar.

When people then order on your website from seeing the webinar or people request a consultation or any form they fill out, on the Thank You / Order page you put a nice title that says, Thank you for your purchase. Get an extra month free when you sign up for XXXX product (URL). This then sends traffic to the industry pro’s website and they also agree to do the same for you thus sending traffic back to your site.

The buzz + the free referral traffic coming to you from ‘just after a purchase’ or ‘just after a form submission’ will increase conversions drastically on your website.

2.   The ‘INFILTRATION’ Method

So here’s what you do. Join forums and community sites like LinkedIn that are specific to your industry. Get to know the owner or the moderator so that they will help you promote what you offer (just be prepared to play politics with big EGOs).

Find people in your industry on LinkedIn, see what groups they belong to and join those. Then start posting comments on other posts with a link back to your site for reference or for additional details. Doing this might sound spammy but if you think about the fact that the group or community you have just joined is people just like you, it will be considered ‘helpful’ instead.

3.   The ‘BIRTHING’ Method

This is simple. You create or give birth to your very own LinkedIn Group.

Then go and find people in your industry on LinkedIn, find out what groups they belong to and then join those and then promote your group in each group you join. This is a relevant way to bring targeted traffic back to your site from the fans and followers of the members of the group.

4.   The ‘PINNING’ Method

If you have a visual component of your product, integrating with Pinterest can drive massive traffic to your website. Know your audience and find out where they hang out.

Pinterest is the #3 social networking site next to Facebook and Twitter so you will want to capitalize on this platform. How?

Create a cool slideshow.com presentation or use a PowerPoint to web platform such as SlideShare.com and post slides and image-rich presentations (you can even post each slide one at a time) and then get this… if you “pin” every photo (frame) in a video sequence…pull pics in from Facebook, pin them, then create a video from that and send all traffic from those pins to that video… = MASSIVE TRAFFIC!

5.   The ‘BE THE BONUS’ Method

This is a simple idea. You give your main product or secondary product to supplemental product companies to use a “bonus” for all their customers. That way their customers are offered “after purchase” a related product that is being recommended to them as the ‘Bonus’ given for another product, this is a great way to get customers.

But wait, if you’re giving it away then how do you make money? It’s called UPSELL the same way the other company does for you ‘after purchase’ with an ad and a link.

You make the people sign up online using a form and on the Thank You page you put, “Thank you for registering for XXX product or service. In order for this to work and for you to get the desired results, you need XXXX product from URL…”

The best part is, it can be your URL. Let’s say I wanted to give Local SEO for 5 pages as a “bonus” to a web design firm who sells web design packages.

The person comes to me after their purchase from the web designer and then they fill out a form to register and then the Thank You page says, your Bonus comes with ALL on-site tactics with guaranteed indexings on Google but in order for it work you need quality backlinks to show that you are popular and thus guarantee top ranks.

Then I provide an URL where the person goes to register for a $300/monthly link building service or something along these lines. The possibilities with this are endless if you are a creative type.

6.   The ‘AD GIANT’ Method

Now, we’ve all heard that there is something called Display Advertising.

It’s got a lot of bad rep about it because of spammy ads that appear in places you would never think of that lure traffic and promote Google non-compliant categories like porn, gambling and other schemes and sites.

However, cost-per-impression advertising does work if you know where to go for the most reliable traffic and service. I’ve tried and tested so many that I just can’t be mentally reminded of the amounts of money I’ve lost on worthless Display Ad networks.

But… If you really want to make money… here’s what you do… Go to buysellads.com or yabuka.com and before you go… find your top competitor on the web. Try and find their top text ad or even take your top text ad from any preexisting PPC (pay per click/Google AdWords) advertising and throw it into paint… Add a line to the bottom of the image (only if copied from your competitors) that says ‘Have You Seen This Before? Finally… A Better Alternative!’ and then you write a very small italicized text and put in the bottom corner of the image that says, ‘We do not claim copyright or ownership of this image. This was used for relevancy purposes only.’ (By the way, the image should link back to your conversion page!)

Start with a small budget of say $200-$500 USD per month and let her fly!

7.   The ‘DIRECT MAIL’ Method

Okay, now I know some of you will see this method and start to cringe. Direct Mail?? Yuck!

I agree. I hate receiving direct mail that looks official in the mailbox. You open it thinking it’s something urgent and it’s another damn refinance offer or a “make money from home” scam.

And postcards!? Yeah, those go from mail to hand to upward with the right arm like a golfer and then down swiftly to the trash can.

So why do I even bring this method to the table?

A year ago I spoke to a Dentist who said he did Direct Mail postcards to promote free teeth whitening laser treatment service worth $499. He said he usually received a 1% conversion from postcard to lead and he said ALL the calls he did get were promoters or people wasting time.

I told him that people don’t want to be intruded on. And people hate being told to call someone.

Think about it, we are in the age of mobile where everyone is seen head down at stop lights and smiling and making faces at their crotch and cops just let it be. The world is capsizing with people who are way less able to confront others face to face and phone to phone.

So you want to increase conversions and still do postcard marketing?

The next campaign you do, don’t put your phone number on it AT ALL. Leave it off.

Put a unique website URL to drive traffic to.

For example, you’re a Realtor offering a Free Seller Resource guide. You want people to call you and claim those reports in your local area so you can prospect and earn new clients.

Your postcard is received by a local homeowner who sees amazing bullet points of benefits and a nice house a fast car or whatever and then it says…

Hurry While Supplies Last. Claim Your Free Seller Resource Guide Today at http://www.yoursite.com/p127

You can put any end URL code or whatever there and just make sure a page exists with that name, hidden on your main site’s navigation, but that will bring up content if a person goes to it.

Prospects, when they see that you aren’t demanding a call will feel that it’s safe to go online and just read what you have to say. If they land on a page designed to capture the lead if done properly by an amazing copywriter or a pro SEO guy (like me) it can have a major effect.

The Dentist tried this out and sent out 1000 postcards to a small neighborhood. He received 48 form submissions from this campaign and he never once put a phone number on his cards.

That’s a 4.8% conversion over 1% using a phone number. Try it. It works.

8.   The ‘CONVERSATION’ Method

Now, please understand that this method is not trickery. It’s not fake and it’s not actors luring prospects to a buyer’s haven. This is a real way to get business. You simply get a few friends together discuss what you are currently offering to the public.

Then go out in public on certain days and plant yourself at industry-related places and then start conversations with people and promote your website as an interested party.

For example, a guy I know sells mops and mop heads online. He competes with the biggest and the best of the best. He was always struggling to get an increase in traffic so he decides to get his 5 best friends together and go out on a weekend to 5 different Walmarts and they strategically positioned themselves in the aisle for mops.

And when someone was looking for mops they would find themselves next to the person and start a conversation and say ‘So what kind of mop do you normally buy?” The person then tells them their brand of choice or they say that they don’t really have a preference. Then the guy would say, “Oh that’s cool. I’ve always admired these brands of mops but I really want a product that is made with XXXX or that does XXXXX and I’ve actually found a lot of success in using XXXX product. The website URL is XXXX.com. Worth a look. Take care.”

And then the promoter walks away and goes off into the store and the customer was seen to not buy the Walmart mop and instead pull up the site given on their phone and then proceed with browsing their mops online.

Got access to a whole 12th grade class of high schoolers? Man, that would be like massive traffic spikes to your site if you could figure out how to strategically do this all over town.

9.   The ‘QUOTE TITLE’ Method

It’s a known fact that testimonials still play a MAJOR ROLE in content being shared and valued by Google. Testimonials and reviews weigh heavy on your reputation so that plays a big part in your online exposure, traffic, and prosperity.

That being said, why not try the QUOTE TITLE method which if anyone knows my “style” of SEO you know that I love using “” around headlines of Client websites.

And I like to put the keyword phrase of that particular page in that headline as well.


Google sees any content in quotes “I love LinkedIn” as being authoritative and authentic.

Authoritative and Authentic content is the most valued on the web. So put your headline

in quotes with your best keyword phrase and watch your page rise fast up the rankings and then watch your traffic explode because of the new exposure and newer targeted visitors.

10.                      The ‘INSIGHTS EMAIL’ Method

Believe it not LinkedIn is just continuing to roll out these amazing tools. Did you know that Sales Navigator can now connect to the side of your email on Chrome and it can give you icebreakers and insights about anyone who emails you who has a LinkedIn profile?

So when you reply you can use what you see on the side of the tool to break the ice and pre-sell with more trust your products and services.

It’s like liquid gold. I used it today to try and rehash a meeting with a lady who we messed up with on a system glitch and when I saw from the Sales Navigator tool that she was the Co-Founder of her company I mentioned in my email, “So being that you’re the Co-Founder of your company I really think you should take advantage of a PC to PC demo. What do you think?”

She replied YES and accepted my invitation and gave a little thank you for me doing my research on her. She says she can’t stand when people talk to her as if she’s a grunt.

Damn. It’s like LinkedIn wants you to make money. Use this to promote your website and all kinds of other things because this little add-on in Chrome is amazing!! Everyone go add it.

11.                      The ‘THOUGHT STRING’ Method

Most would agree that Google AdWords is very expensive and the model is really meant for companies that have big ad budgets who are doing ads for exposure, traffic and brand awareness.

However, those of us seeking leads and sales typically find misery in spending on pay per click.

Until now, did you know that Google allows you to target GMAIL users based on “thought strings”? That’s right. Think about your ideal client.

If they are known to use GMAIL they probably are on there all the time. So think about what someone using GMAIL might say in their conversations with others on a business level about solutions related to your products.

They might use book titles, competitor names, thought strings like “do you recommend anyone for” and you use these keywords and thought strings as keywords in your paid campaign and you watch, people will see the ads in searches they do from conversations they’ve had on GMAIL and they will find it, click the ad and usually buy or sign up because ads that are displayed to people’s thoughts are usually the highest converting.

Also, think “what subject lines do my ideal clients respond to?” and also think “what do the unsubscribe wordings of my competitors say in their emails?” use all that as keyword strings for your ads. You might get too granular and Google will say there’s no traffic but just test and expand out until you find the market.

This, by the way, is just a few of the hundreds of unique free ways to drive web traffic that the SEO professionals at Sky High Media can drive custom traffic to any website, blog, video or article/press release.

At Sky High Media we specialize in helping success-minded Entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies take control and become #1 in your market. We help you beat out your competitors and make more money from your website as a result of achieving multiple page-one placements on Google and driving local and national traffic that converts on autopilot.

We’re actively seeking to work with attorneys, doctors, dentists, specialty and trade contractors and Entrepreneurs with a home business, service-based business or e-commerce website.

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