How To Avoid Getting Burned By An SEO

How To Avoid Getting ‘Burned’ By An SEO Firm!” by Marshall Adler

Are you a business owner who’s tired of being ‘scammed’ by SEO’s?

Many of our clients came to us at a time of desperation, after having lost a lot of money with other SEO firms who make wild promises and rarely deliver results.

These clients know they need online exposure and local traffic to increase sales in their business and they don’t want to go the route of 6-12 months and being told by traditional firms to blog and “do social media” because frankly what business really has the time to sit and publish content all day?

In fact, we often find ourselves dispelling the myth that “all SEO’s” are scammers and evil forces. Quite the contrary, some are, however many are not.

Here are 5 ways to avoid being scammed by an SEO provider:

1. Look For Testimonials:

It’s really easy to make up fake testimonials and put it on a website.

Anyone can write something nice about themselves and put initials on the end of it to pretend that some random client is satisfied with their products, however, the best testimonials are ‘LIVE’.

So always ask for LIVE references where they can get a real customer on the phone right when you ask for it or will pick up the phone and speak with you to explain their experience with the SEO provider you’re thinking about going with.

2. Look For Originality: 

Most (meaning 98%) SEO firms offer the same services as everyone else with varying degrees of difference. For example, most SEO firms offer:

  • Organic SEO
  • Link Building 
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Blogging
  • Directory Submissions
  • Review Sites etc.

However, companies that offer a “jack of all trades” approach to web marketing, are typically companies that treat their clients like manila folders in a filing cabinet.

You’re just another number to them and there’s no uniqueness about you versus their other clients because they’re offering you the same old same that they offer and do for everyone else. 

Look for originality.

For example, at Sky High Media we are 100% Organic SEO and we invented our own Meta tag combinations approved by Google to ‘unlock’ the Meta Keywords tag which is “no longer used” to rank websites and we co-wrote our own Link Building software designed to show popularity to your website from all over the world to get Google to grant you page one placements for your local keywords, because even though you have worldwide votes pointing to your site, you’re really not asking for much by just targeting local search terms in your website.

Anyway, sorry to promote there. I get a little carried away on this ‘originality’ stuff. Look for what makes the SEO firm unique and special compared to others.

3. Good Vibes:

You should never sign up with a company or trust someone you can’t meet and see who you’re working with. You should be able to physically meet and chat and have friendly interactions with your SEO provider because ‘good vibes’ between you and your marketing person create stronger campaigns for success.

So always consider going with a Local provider that you know, like and trust as opposed to a long distance provider with whom you’ll never meet in person and you only know their voice.

The person might ‘sound’ trustworthy on the phone but until you meet them in person you’ll never know for sure if you made the right decision.

Invest in the person handling your marketing and not just the marketing itself.

4. Details, Depth, and Transparency:

Avoid all SEO firms who have short proposals and short contract agreements. 

A lot of work goes into properly optimizing a website and building popularity online so make sure you sign up with a company that offers lots of details in how they operate; from the initial meeting, proposal presentation and contract you sign to the monthly reports you receive by email. 

It’s also wise to make sure you sign up for SEO services with a company that believes in total transparency. Companies that give vague answers to questions or never truly reveal “how” they achieve page one rankings etc., those are untrustworthy companies that you should steer clear from.

At Sky High Media we believe in-depth, details, and transparency and sometimes we give away too much information and watch our client’s eyes glaze over (sorry about that) however we feel that your investment in us, entitles you to know everything that we intend to do and are doing to get your site ranked at the top of search engines.

5. Speed Of Delivery:

Listen to this very closely, there’s “newer, faster, and better” and there’s everyone else. Read that again. It’s so true.

All of our clients have chosen our firm because we offer a newer and faster system that works better than any other web marketing firm in Colorado.

We guarantee page one organic ranking in 90-days or less and we put it in writing (no other SEO firm is willing to risk their reputation and do this) and we also provide super-fast, one-week turnaround on new projects and website optimizations. We don’t ‘take our time’ or slack off by any means.

Again, sorry for the self-promotion. 🙂

However, it’s important that you choose to work with an SEO firm that offers a “newer, faster and better” approach to achieving page one placements, driving local targeted traffic and increasing site conversions. 

Otherwise, you will become just another number on the 6-12 month mindset of blogging, “doing” social media, PPC and publishing content to increase followers, doing directory submissions and trying to beg your clients for good reviews in order to pull targeted traffic from the web.

Last ‘self-promotion’ I promise… At Sky High Media, we don’t have to do any social media, blogging, content publishing, articles, press releases, paid advertising (PPC), directory submissions or reviews.

Our proprietary codes bypass having to do what everyone else has to do to pull local traffic from Google and to show relevancy and generate page one rankings.

Always, always, always avoid any company that will not guarantee results and does not provide fast service and speed of delivery.  You deserve the best of the best in all aspects of marketing and protecting your investments.

Follow the five steps above to avoid being ‘scammed’ by SEO firms and you will achieve the financial goals you have set out for yourself this year and beyond. 

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